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SHIP HAPPENS centers around this guy Jack who, after his father's passing, stops to think about life and realizes he's taken a few wrong turns in the past, so he tries to fix them up. Alongside Jack there's Fred, his best friend who also has been affected by Jack's decisions, way more than he imagines. Fred is married to Cindy and they've found a way of making their marriage work really well... except for of a few secrets being kept. And there's also Debbie, Jack's ex-girlfriend with whom he has a son, Tommy, and those are the two elements he wants back into his life, but of course they won't be that easy to regain.


SHIP HAPPENS is a film about how nobody is perfect, and even good people make bad decisions, but sometimes bad decisions can also lead to good things. It's about how honesty is important in any kind of relationship, since if you hold back secrets from one another you're also holding back on the relationship itself, and depending on the secret it'll eventually blow over sooner or later.

Ship Happens Ship Happens

Having said that...

Jack is a guy who's crazy about Heavy Metal and especially the band Slayer and keeps referencing that throughout the film; he also has a knack to finding the craziest girls to date, until he finally accepts Debbie is the woman he really wants. Fred and Cindy seem very much like the innocent couple next door but they have the most outrageous sexual fantasies behind closed doors. Debbie is a lawyer who works as a talk show host and therefore is very serious, but she also has the sharpest tongue when it comes to arguing, especially with Jack. A lot of scenes take place in a bar, which Jack inherits from his father and in this bar there's Ollie, the horniest bartender ever to tend a bar, his best friend Barfly who can only be understood by Ollie himself and the bar back Goth Girl, who happens to be Jack's cousin and creeps Ollie and Barfly out whenever she can. Another interesting character within this world is the legendary The Croatian, a loan shark who happens to be as ironic as he is dangerous; he's always accompanied by his right-hand henchman Vladimir, a man as cold and hard as steel. And of course, someone will get in trouble with them in the story...

SHIP HAPPENS is a comedy with a soul. Or maybe the funniest drama you've ever seen...

Ship Happens



The Story Behind the Story

The Dream - Part One

The Dream - Part Two

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